Voice Over Resume

California State University Northridge ~ Bachelor of Arts Degree ~ Radio & TV Broadcasting                 

Pasadena City College ~ Associate of Arts Degree ~ Theater  



Family Tree Nurseries

Speedy Sharp

Water Cycle

Chair Alert

O Krill 3

The North Face  

Cheapest Textbooks.com

The Fishclipper

Sullivan Brothers Toyota

Cascade Bank

Mitsubishi Dealer


Chevy Blazer

Home Depot


Boca Raton Mall

California Avocados 

Elmore County

Ice Chalet

Bully Dog

Red Lion Inn


Health South

Forever Young CD

1-800 Tags


Two Rivers Ford

CLR Cleanser

Wilson County Buick


Luis Armstrong CD 

Answer Bike Parts


Stone Depot

Barrington Carpet

Korum of Fife

Fruia Motors

Judge Burke – Political

Croton Auto

Homescape Pro 

USA Flooring 


Chad's AC Direct




Feature Film "Papa" - Newsreel announcer

American Generations of Change




Figge Art Museum

Frog Filtration System

British Petrolium



Julie's Gifts

Liquid Ventilation

Prestige Trimax Control


Character Champions Children's Book

Vegas Vets Promo

NOPE Presentation

Fine Living Channel – “Behind The Wheel” 13 week series

EarthFest '98 - CBS -  TV special 

Secrets of War with Charlton Heston - History Channel 

Rod Serling Narration - GTE Mainstreet Interactive Television

Gardens of the World Series- PBS - Penelope Hobhouse 

Microsoft – MOF Presentation ’05, 

Microsoft – Internal Website ‘97

NameSafe – Website presentation

Rowley International Aquatic systems 

Mem Add - Infomercial  

Beverly Center Spring Boutique   

Lincoln/Mercury - Video Demonstration

MacDonald Douglas Employees Community Fund

CyberSource Internet Solutions   

Unete - Internet Software CD-ROM

Oakwood Apartments Internet Website

Real Audio  CD Presentation

United Storm Water  - Corporate Video

Quality Uniforms Catalogue - The Art of Stained Glass

Hitachi – Corporate Video

Pinot Bistro Restaurants 

Lladro - Corporate Video

Gans Ink - Corporate Video

Hybrid Health Interactive Phone System*

MacDonald Douglas Employees Community Fund

Microstar Injector System - Star Surgical Company 

A Trip to Thailand - Rowley International Aquatic systems

Orange County Transit Authority  - Corporate Video

Tempo Inhaler - Corporate Video

Kingston  - Corporate Video

Centerpoint – Flash Presentation


SRR Solutions – Multimedia CD-Rom

Parsons – CD-Rom

Interlink Electronics - Website

CyberSource Internet Solutions

Over 75 Family Videos for JVP Productions

VF Coalition

California Judicial System

Keyes Motors - Corporate Video

Chevron Corporate Video

Katz Senior Center

Btech - Corporate Video

Acucela - Corporate Video

Camp Max Straus

Enchanted Strings

Nature VNR


Armageddon 1, 2, & 3

mDpnmKiUt5gbCwSKkZJg gA

The North Face – Corporate promo

Wisconsin Lutheran College

Elmore County

Father of the Bride Part II - Disney Home Video Trailer

Entrapment - 20th Century Fox - International Press Kit 

Les Miserables - Columbia Pictures - Electronic Press Kit Trailer

Pushing Tin - 20th Century Fox - Electronic Press Kit Trailer

The Deep End Of The Ocean - Electronic Press Kit Trailer

Turbulence & Touch - MGM - Electronic Press Kit Trailers

Dr. Doolittle - 20th Century Fox - International Press Kit 

The Newton Boys - 20th Century Fox - Electronic Press Kit Trailer

Turning the Tides with Ted Danson - TV Promo 

KIIS FM Super sticker 

Just Her Luck - Promo

Film Roman - Company Promo

Will The Circle Be Unbroken Further Along - PBS

Treasure Hunters – TV Pilot Promo 

Rich Little Special – PBS

James Last Special - PBS

Real Networks - Internet Promo 

CBS Animation Department Special Effects Promo



Eye of the Dragon - Bruce Lee Documentary

We Remember Marilyn - Marilyn Monroe Documentary

After The Shocks - Earthquake Documentary

Death Valley Documentary – PBS

The 20 Mule Team Documentary – Gold Creek Films 


LegoLand - Ride animation video

The voice of Ceil in “LuCeil” - Elsword on line game


Heroes of Might & Magic IV


Gate Keepers

Might & Magic IX

Masked Rider

Mattel – “Barbie Genie Adventure”-CD ROM 

Shockwave Cartoon - “Cassie”

Video Poker Gold - CD-ROM

Marco Polo - Feature

Treasures of Oz - CD ROM

The Recyclers - Animated Shorts  

Way Forward Child - CD ROM

Beethoven - 1/2 hour TV

Space Warriors - Feature 

Eshcer Street – CD -Rom



Passion of the Christ (2016 into English)

Power Rangers 

Samurai the Legend 

The Clown

Everybody loves Willy Woof




The Death Line

Harold & the Three Ghosts – Feature

Taki Zan

Over the Mountain 

VR Troopers

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